Kumar Kartikeya

Kumar Kartikeya is a legal researcher. His interests fall in the study of Criminal, Information Technology, and Constitutional law. He writes on constitutional issues and the Co-founder & Founding Editor of The Policy Observer.

Mridul Y. Suri

Mridul Y. Suri is a student of law, for life, working in Supreme Court of India and High court of Delhi. He goes by his life with this quote “We can’t change the world only with ideas in our mind, we need conviction in our hearts.” He will join The Policy Observer as Editorial Consultant and Head of our Public Relations.

Likhith Shetty

Likhith Shetty is a third-year Engineering student, he is also passionate about Indian philosophy and history. Likhith has a knack for the English language and is an excellent writer. He has worked on a variety of projects in the past, managing and running the show. He brings a unique and creative perspective to the team and joins The Policy Observer as Editor in Chief.

Shirish Sachdeva

Shirish Sachdeva is a student of Law and an avid reader and philosophy enthusiast. When he is not working, which is most of the time, you can find him jamming with his ukulele and singing in a terrible voice or playing the sitar. He is also a big fan of lame puns, otherwise, he is into commercial and constitutional law. He is one of the Co-founders and writer with The Policy Observer.

Vedant Khare

Vedant Khare is a student of Commerce and Economics. He holds a keen interest in matters of Financial Markets, Economics, and Business. A sports enthusiast, he is passionate about Cricket & Formula 1, loves to play the guitar, and read Psychological Crime Thrillers. He joins Policy Observer as one of the Co-founders and Editor of the Economics section.


Pratham is a law student, hailing from Punjab, with a knack for criminal law. He is certified in advanced skiing and is very much into extreme sports. He has badminton played for the state of Rajasthan. He is also a weekend food blogger on Instagram, capturing around 5000 followers. He will join The Policy Observer as head of communication and relations.