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The Republic of India

After independence, colonial India was divided into two parts- the newly found India and Pakistan. Punjab and Bengal were sliced down into two— amid violence, riots, rape, and assaults on women, resulting in countless deaths. However, this is just a portion of the story’s larger picture, not all of it.

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Supreme Court: A populist institution?

Dr. Justice D.Y. Chandrachud while overruling ADM Jabalpur v Shivkant Shukla said that:
“When histories of nations are written and critiqued, there are judicial decisions at the forefront of liberty. Yet others have to be assigned to the archives, reflective of what was, but should never have been.”

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Criminalization of Indian politics

The Election Commission of India should frame strict guidelines for any candidate with criminal antecedent participating in any election. Decriminalization of Indian politics cannot be done by the Supreme court alone. Until and unless the state machinery and government join hands with the court to fight against this, the issue will prevail.

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