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Feasibility of Vaccinating India

Having just tided over the Second Wave of COVID-19 and after going through prolonged lockdowns, the Third Wave must be prevented as much as possible. The effects of which may drive India’s double crisis to further extremes. However, looking at the vaccination effort and the sluggish attitude towards the procurement of vaccines, the situation looks grim.

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Examining the Culpability of the Election Commission

In another interesting turn of events, the election commission urged the Madras High Court to gag the media from reporting the oral observations of the court during the hearing of the election-related cases. This request was rightly denied by the court as it is unbecoming of government agencies of such massive public importance to resort to opacity in its conduct.

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Covid, Crypto-boom, and the coming credit shortage

Imported inflation is a greater concern in such countries as the prices of imported goods and goods that need to be imported (because of low production) are both expected to rise and feed on each other. In India, the wholesale price index touched an 8 year high of 7.39% driven by global fuel and manufactured product price rise.

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